Cerno’s core principles that guide and inspire us every day are rooted in a profound respect for people, respect for process, and respect for raw materials. These values are shared by The Conservation Fund, a non-profit organization that we at Cerno wholeheartedly respect. The Conservation Fund is at the forefront of preserving and cultivating land responsibly. They believe that conservation is an "all-hands on deck proposition.” As do we.

Anyone who has built a company knows that without action, nothing happens. We apply the same logic to our philanthropic efforts. Each year, we donate to causes we are passionate about. The Conservation Fund's efforts and impacts are vast and impressive. Two causes, in particular, led to our decision to work with them. Their Working Forest Fund® contributes to keeping privately-held forests from being developed and logged irresponsibly, while its Working Farms Fund aims to make farming accessible to a new generation of farmers who are committed to sustainable farming practices now and into the future.


What if more people and businesses thought about every resource they use? Really thought about it. Would they continue to operate the same way just because that’s the way it has always been done? Or, would it serve them better to have a continuous improvement mindset? At Cerno, our process is constantly evolving to efficiently use resources in a more sustainable way. The same goes for The Conservation Fund. Common sense. That’s how we operate at Cerno.